Tuesday, December 15, 2009

shoes warehouse

this is a part of my shoes.

m00d 0f december

Sunday, December 6, 2009

pyjamas party [LMNP part 2]

it's the first time that i invited my friends for pyjamas party.
at 06.30 pm, we swan at my apartement's swimming pool.
at 07.30 pm, we ate with crab with tomato sauce, tempura, meat ball soup, and much more.
at 08.30 pm - 12.30 am, we shared own story.
the most about BOY, BOY, and BOY.
after that we sleep like a baby.
06.00 am, i woke up.
i escaped from a row of my friend to close my room, saw my friend was sleeping.
i went to the kitchen.
looked for a pack of tea. i maked a cup of tea, an suddenly my mom close from her room and helped me to made a cup of tea and a bowl of vermicelli.
i ate that.
i turned on my tv, and changed the chanel into fashion tv, there was victoria's secret show. Woooohoooo.
i love Miranda Kerr and Chanel Iman.
at 08.30 am, my frends woke up, and sat in sofa with me.
my mom mad a fried rice for breakfast.
09.00 am, we all had breakfast.
after we toke a bath, we went to super mall karawaci.
just for had fun.
ola, let's check it now ^^

Monday, November 30, 2009

saw him again.. :P

arrrggghhh, one more time. hahaha. i mean, saw Robbie and Taylor. last saturday, after high school test, i visited to my uncle's house. i met my cousins. i invited they to accompany me to watch movie. i choosed NEW MOON. that's my passion. hahaha. my plan was confusioning because my bf ( ooopss, he isn't my bf, now). uhhhh, my favorite schenes are when Bella jumped the cliff, when Jacob entered Bella's room, and when Edward removed his blouse. awesom.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

mo0d of n0vember

Monday, November 16, 2009

lo0k at new narr0w place[part1]

helllloo, ssiiiisssstaaaaa!! yesterday, i went to my apartement. when, i opened the door, and entered the room, WWWOOOAAAA, completely RED. and than i went to my lovely room, UUUUUUUHHHH, completely GOLD. hemphh, soo pleasant place. never want to go to other place. let's look under the text...

location: Apart. Mediterania Residences 2
guys, please come on to my apart., we can swimming together..
i'm waiting for you ^^

Saturday, November 14, 2009

mo0d 0f 0ct0ber

sun glasses, by roxy~out wear, by yuan~stripes tank, distro at Bandung~bangles, by gerai permata hijau~zip body con skirt, by pink label~semi gladiator wedges, gerai la piazza

one shoulder, by pink label~bangles, by gerai Bandung~necklace, by gaudy~belt, mom's stuff~dark blue pant, dad's gift~pump heels, by Yongki Komaladi

military blazer, by pink label~black skirt, by surfer girl~black ankle boots.

animal print cardigan, by pink label~pink blouse, by cool~zippered skirt, by glitz

gifts fr0m daddy

24 October, daddy gave gifts to my grandma, after we was going to the market, suddenly, the postman brought a bouquet, and a box with blue ribbon. we shocked, cause before this nobody send a bouquet. finally, nanny looked at the greeting card, she opened the card, he wrote,
Selamat Ulang Tahun, Mama Tercinta,
Semoga Panjang Umur dan Sehat Selalu
Adi Surya

the bouquet

he gave a picture

uuuuhhh so ssswwwweeett, when my birthday, 12
, daddy also sent me a greeting card. he wrote

Indiana, Evansville,

Dear my little love,

i knew you are not little anymore, but you still my little angle. i love you so much then i love my self, today April 13th, is your birthday i wish i'm there with you and singing birthday song for you, light up the candle and blowing up with you. tanpa terasa kamu sudah bertamabah besar, maka dari itu indah harus bersemangat, yah. terutama tugas indah yang paling penting dan utama yaitu belajar agar cita-cita indah tercapai nanti. once again i'm sorry my angel for those day that i missed it with you, but i promise i will make it up to you and i will be there for you when i'm home so please be good and behave yourself ok, dear. cause you are the greatest gift for my life. Happy Birthday :].

Love u,
big hugs and big kiss for you
i can't forget the words from my daddy... so sad T.T...


Friday, November 13, 2009

many competiti0ns

there was many kinda competitions of my school, yesterday, was language month and STAR [ Sang Timur achievement reward ]. i been the participant in STAR. i sold many head piece. i was wearing M.J style, so gaudy. many person argued. same times i felt bored, i likes to leave the moment. that's the reason cause i didn't join the photo session for year book. hehe i don't care.


be a seller

JACKO style

yeay, over all i can't be a seller, hahahaha.... so sad

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

batik fashion for school

i couldn't stop my laugh. whhhyyy?? 'cause batik became an uniform of my school. i'll hunt some clothes. hahahaha. i modified them become studed blouse. you could copy this project. =)

Made by Lena